Quality,Health,Safety & Environment
is our number-one Priority


STS Ltd and the group are generally committed to follow international standards & regulations to keep high standards of QHSE. Our strong belief that day-to-day structured and intensive work is a key factor to safe success. To accomplish this, our staff regularly pass comprehensive trainings and programs.

The model of internal & external audits keep the company toned in the time of rapidly changing conditions giving a chance to review and improve internal QHSE.

All activities are executed and based on continuously improving instructions and procedures being under total control of dedicated QHSE Manager. Such strategy helps us to minimize the risk on every stage of operations and meet the aspirations and expectations of our customers.

In line with our tactics and beliefs we aspire to provide safe working and sailing practices for our seafarers, to avoid environmental damage together with daily improvement of our system leading to excellence.


List of ISO 9001:2008 certified entities:
  • STS Ltd - Ukraine, Odessa
List of entities certified to Attestation of Compliance - MLC 2006 :
  • STS Ltd - Ukraine, Odessa
List of Licensed entities:
  • STS Ltd - Ukraine, Odessa
Rachinskaya, Christina

QHSE Manager