Emergency line  

The claims response service is available 24/7, 365 days a year basis providing immediate assistance to all of our clients and company related individuals.

Early notification helps to eliminate unforeseen circumstances at the initial stage. 

Please call on below number to be directly connected with duty claim handler in the event of emergency or an incident.


+38 (050) 525 56 99 

During normal working hours the emergency number will redirect you to the office switchboard.

Alternatively, Members can request assistance writing the mail on info@sts.agency which is daily monitored.

Our history

STS ltd. was founded in 2011 under the name of “Step to Sea“ by a group of marine professionals with genuine desire to render crewing service and deliver high standard management. The strategy and day-to-day passion allowed us to build and maintain company reputation and strong market position. Within the time, STS has experienced the stressful industry crisis, whether in its turn dictated new maritime industry demands, which are out of common business frames and ethics. Thereby pushing STS for extraordinary and mind-shifted solutions.

In order to integrate outsourced business processes and services it was decided to set up Dynamic Positioning consulting department. This model makes us to expand the range of services, to attract the new clients and enhance of existing contracts. At the age of digitalization, we have implemented the right software to serve as a flexible tool for each service apart showing zero lost time.

Despite these challenges STS has demonstrated fundamental & robust track records. We have made a solid step towards our commercial efficiency and operation focus. Such dynamic effected on opening Headquarters on Marshall Island and optimizing core needs and values.

Geographical position of each entity covers strategical marine areas, as a result , giving access to the large volume of facilities, supply chains and logistic streams to give an immediate feedback on any level of complexity tasks. Either we are located in the marine cultural and historical areas which itself is an advantage. Accumulation of marine institutes & training centers, dry docks, supply, ports and first class seafarers.